Router Depth Gage

Depth Gage

Used to accurately set the depth of router bits in both router table and handheld applications.
Made from aluminum, measuring 3/4" thick, 2" high, 4 5/16" wide, with a 1 3/4" throat opening.
Has a 0"-1"measuring range. Drilled to accept standard 3/8" stem indicator. Comes with Allen wrench
for securing indicator in base. Can be purchased with the indicator* or as the base alone (see below).

* Indicator appearance subject to change depending on supplier.

Purchase with PayPal or send payment to.

Robert Millard
2351 Mayfair Road
Dayton Ohio 45405

Router Depth Gage with Indicator $40.00 post paid


Router Depth Gage without Indicator $25.00 post paid.