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The following is a sampling of bandings I have made for various projects. These are available on short notice (approximately 10 days or less). I will accept orders for historically accurate bandings from the Federal Period, for prices comparable to those shown here. The lunette inlays associated with the Seymour's, are not available. All the bandings are supplied at .040" thick ± .005". The 1/8" wide bandings can be supplied at nominal .060" thickness to facilitate bending, at extra cost. The less complex bandings are accurate in width, to allow for plowing the groove with an accurately sized router bit in one pass. The more complex bandings will vary in width, requiring the routing of an undersized groove and then hand fitting the banding. Bandings wider than 1/8", are supplied with one face planed; narrower bandings are supplied as sawn. Postage charge of $9.50 will apply to all orders under $60.00.

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