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Woodworking Classes

With the furniture I build, I do not have stock pieces and the woodworking classes are structured in the same way; the customer sets the focus. Looking at the furniture side of this site will give you a sense of where my strengths lie in furniture making. Instruction can range from beginner topics such as sharpening or stock preparation, to the more advanced techniques such as inlay work or hammer veneering. Below is list of some things I'm not qualified to assist with.

Foliage carving

Focused power tool instruction ( i.e. Tables Saw 101 etc.)

Furniture making other than that directly related to period furniture

The size of my shop dictates individual instruction. Classes are available from March 1st though July 15th and fromĀ  August 15th through October 31st.

Please contact me via email to discuss the woodworking classes.

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