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I specialize in museum quality reproductions of furniture from the Federal period. My pieces are handcrafted one at a time, using individually selected lumber and veneer, the highest quality hardware and are carefully finished. The defining feature of my work are the inlays and bandings, which I make in my shop and the finishing which brings out the high contrast. By making these in much the same way as a period cabinetmaker would have, I'm able to achieve that appealing individuality, which is the hallmark of the originals. I've been chosen by Early American Life Magazine, as one of the best 200 craftsman in America each year from 1999-2010. I've contributed articles to Popular Woodworking Magazine, Fine Woodworking Magazine, and the Journal of the Society of American Period Furniture Makers. A piece of my work was displayed at the White House in 1999.


I strive to have my reproductions match the originals in form, construction details and surface texture. In order to achieve this goal, I rely on methods and tools that were available in the period. All surfaces are planed, scraped, or carved by hand. Joinery is executed by hand, following period practices. Full width boards are used where allowed by species, and dictated by appearance. Traditional hide glue is used to assemble the furniture. The result of this, is a piece that except for the effects of aging captures every detail of period furniture. This approach due to its time consuming nature, causes me to have a backlog of work varying from six months to a year or more..

The pieces are finished with a multiple step process of dyes to color the wood, oil to accentuate and bring depth to the grain. The wood is then top coated with freshly mixed shellac. Table tops, receive multiple coats of a high quality, environmentally friendly topcoat, for increased durability. The piece is then hand rubbed to a deep rich sheen. This process, while time consuming is the only way to bring out the full beauty of the wood.

On the following pages you will see a small sampling of my previous work. Please keep in mind that I do not have stock pieces, as all of my work is custom made to order. While my focus is on furniture from the Federal period, I accept commissions for American furniture from the William and Mary, Queen Anne, Chippendale, and Classical periods.

I provide my customers who have internet connections with frequent updates on the progress with their piece, in the form of emailed photographs. I also, document the piece through out its construction with digital photographs, which I supply to the customer upon completion. I offer sample inlaid boards, to potential customers, so they can judge the quality of my work. These samples, which normally take the form of a shell, with a banding and cross banded boarder, are available for $5.00, but can be returned for a full refund plus the return postage fee.

Thank you for your interest, and please contact me with any questions.


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