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Adjustable double bladed inlay knife

knife and leg

This is the knife I use in forming the grooves for curved lines of stringing. Made from aluminum, it holds two number 11 X-Acto knife blades, which can be spaced, using user supplied shims* to form grooves from 1/32" to approximately 7/32". The knife comes with two blades, Allen wrench and instructions. See below for ordering information.

* I have used scraps of veneer, brass shim stock, paper and card stock.

Knife set

Close up


Price $21.00 post paid

To order, send check or money order to:

Robert Millard
5915 Corsica Drive
Dayton Ohio 45424 3508
Include your email address with the order, and I will contact you when your order is shipped.

Or you can pay with PayPal.


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