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Published Works

Popular Woodworking, June 2010 (Issue 183) Inlay for Curves, pages 46-49

Popular Woodworking, August 2009 (Issue 177) Federal Style Inlay, pages 49-53

Popular Woodworking, Blog Video on making sawtooth cuffbanding.

Popular Woodworking, August 2008 (Issue 170) Federal Furniture, pages 57-61

Popular Woodworking Blog Video on making a sand shaded fan

Popular Woodworking, February 2008 (Issue 167) Basic Inlay Techniques Pages 57-61

Popular Woodworking, November 2007 (Issue 165) Pages 80-82 Great Woodshops by Glen Huey

Woodcraft Magazine July 2006 page 46, photo of Seymour Tall Case Clock

Fine Woodworking October 2005 (Issue 179), page 28, review of Luthier's Friend.

American Period Furniture, SAPFM, 2005, pages 40-47 Reproducing a Seymour Night Stand

American Period Furniture, SAPFM, September 2004, pages 32-35, Photographing Furniture.

American Period Furniture, SAPFM, September 2004, page 12-19, A Massachusetts Shelf Clock

Fine Woodworking August 2003 (issue 164) mentioned in Jeff Jewitt's article on Finishing Mahogany.

Fine Woodworking June 2003 (issue 163) Pages 62-65, Scratch Stocks, also reprinted in The New Best of Fine Woodworking, Working with Hand planes.

Fine Woodworking April 2003 (issue 162) page 93, shelf clock featured in Current Work

American Period Furniture, SAPFM ,January 2003, Making a Federal Card Table

Woodwork Magazine #67, February 2001, page 37 photo of Seymour Work Table