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Seymour Side Table

Seymour Side Table
Boston, Massachusetts c.1815

Curly Maple, Burl Maple, Mahogany, She-Oak, Ebony, Rosewood, White Pine

Features: Top with turreted corners and burl maple veneer center, enclosed by curly maple and she-oak border. Edge of top adorned with complex banding, over a lunette inlaid edge. Case veneered with curly maple and inlaid on all sides with panels surrounded by rosewood and ebony bandings. Band of inlay at lower edge of case, wrapping around legs. Legs ending in brass casters with reeded tapering shaft, below ring turned and reeded plith. Locking drawers, lined with blue paper.

30 inches high, 21 3/4 inches wide, 17 1/2 inches deep

Seymour Detail Seymour Leg Seymour Turret

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